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We exchange CO2 tanks, design brewing systems, balance home dispensing systems, and more! Stop in or drop us a line anytime to learn about the services and bulk discounts we offer. 


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Passing through Westminster on your way home from work? Stop in and make yourself at home before you home brew! Ask about food and drink discounts to Johansson's Brewing Co. and O'Lordan's Irish Pub.  


Maryland has a rich history of beer brewing. Colonists in Maryland drank beer and cider throughout the day as the water in Europe was contaminated and they believed the same of the water in America. By the 19th century, homebrewing became a lost art. As industrial breweries rose in the late 18th and early 19th centuries to supply beer rations for troops, consumers enjoyed the ease of purchasing quality beer from the local brewery instead of making their own.  In 1920 Prohibition shut down the breweries leaving everyone dry until it was repealed in 1933. It still took another 45 years after Repeal for homebrewing to reemerge in 1978. Since that time, homebrewing has grown into more than a hobby, or a fun thing to try between industrial brews- it has once again become an art.  We opened Westminster House of Brews with the sole intention of connecting people with this ancient art. Stop in sometime. We look forward to serving you!                                                                               - Historical data by Maureen O'Prey